Behind the Scenes with Kerry-Edwards 2004

Pictures from my experiences working the Kerry/Edwards motorcade in Pittsburgh, PA.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

And away they go! Posted by Hello

Senator Kerry shaking hands with Jason. Posted by Hello

Senator Kerry shaking hands with Michael. Posted by Hello

Senator Kerry with Anna. Posted by Hello

Senator Kerry with Kate and Samantha. Posted by Hello

Senator Kerry signing his book. Posted by Hello

Kerry getting ready to sign his book for me. Posted by Hello

Ok, ok, I will give her back. Posted by Hello

Senator Kerry and Theresa, do you think they want another? Posted by Hello

Georgia and the Senator. Posted by Hello

Playing with the baby. Posted by Hello

Kissing the baby. Posted by Hello

Senator Kerry shaking hands with Tim and Roxanne. Posted by Hello

More motorcade crew. Posted by Hello

Still waiting...there is alot of that during these things. Posted by Hello

The Real Deal Posted by Hello

Here comes the motorcade. Posted by Hello

More press. Posted by Hello

Me being Cheesy. Posted by Hello

Any minute now... Posted by Hello

Setting up the receiving line. Posted by Hello

Just about ready for Kerry. Posted by Hello

Motorcade crew at FOB terminal. Posted by Hello

The press. Posted by Hello

Receiving line. Posted by Hello